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Explore your limits.

Develop your skills in the great Canadian wilderness at camp. Whatever you're interested in, there will be a role for you at camp - we've got dozens of roles available, in all sorts of different activities.

Please note remaining roles for Summer 2021 are limited, but we have hundreds of roles available for Summer 2022

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camp counsellor

The heart and soul of summer camp. You'll keep the summer humming along, being responsible for a small group of campers, and joining in on the fun.

  • No qualifications necessary.
  • The most common role at camp.
  • You'll help lead your campers through all the activities at camp.

Due to it being late in the season, summer 2021 if focused on the recruitment of activity specialists below. For the best experience, we suggest if you wish you be a general counselor you should apply for our 2022 program

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activity specialist

Teach campers about your passion. Don't let the word 'specialist' intimidate you. There are dozens of activities at camp - so you can teach just about anything.

  • No qualifications needed for most roles.
  • The most available & least applied for roles at camp.
  • You'll operate a station, rather than being responsible for a group of campers.
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combo staff

Combo staff. Your time will be split between bunk/activity periods with the campers and contributing to the running of the camp.

  • No qualifications necessary
  • In demand job roles
  • If you have office, maintenance, housekeeping, or culinary skills this could be a match for you.
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able to assist vs. able to lead:

from archery to yoga, you can teach everything at camp.

special needs counsellors

The most rewarding job at camp. Every camper deserves to have a great summer, no matter their ability. You'll be able to support campers of all abilities, ensuring they succeed in anything they try.

  • Make a real difference to the lives of campers with special needs.
  • Many activities are the same as at regular camps, so campers can have a limitless summer.
  • More personalized support, with a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio of campers to counselors at most camps.
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