summer camp canada.

a summer job like no other.

Camp Canada gives you the opportunity to have an authentic travel experience, whilst also earning spending money and developing your skills.

gain experience teaching what you love.

job roles

Deciding what job role works best for you is an important part of Camp Canada. Fortunately, we've got you covered with a role at camp that is suitable for everyone.

Job Roles

camp activities

Camps need to hire thousands of people every year, all with a wide variety of skills. Activities are a huge part of camp, it's what fills up the campers days and makes camp life so special. Camp Canada gives you the opportunity to teach an activity you love and inspire campers.

Camp Activities

types of camps

We work with hundreds of unique camps, each with different facilities and activities. From sleeping in cabins with campers to under the stars with camp fires, we work with camps that are as unique as you.

Types of camps

a day at camp

Camp life is very different to how you would spend your regular summer break. Discover what a typical day at camp involves and what makes camp so special.

A day at camp
an epic adventure in the heart of Canada.